Coming Home

I want students to take a closer look at the internal landscapes of their mind and hearts. For many of us, the easiest and most accessible way to do this is through the body. My class themes vary weekly, while the style is flow based it is deeply rooted in alignment in an effort to create focus and presence.  We all require a unique amount of physicality to feel nourished and supported and that need may change from day to day. My hope is that students feel empowered to make intelligent decisions on the mat, honoring yourself by adding in that which nourishes you, and taking out what doesn't. I am here to support & encourage a lifelong, sustainable & healthy yoga practice.

I discovered yoga in 2005 and immediately felt more at home on the mat and in my body. In 2009 I completed YogaWorks 200 hr training program and began teaching full time. Developing my personal practice, and pursuing  advanced yoga studies is always at the forefront of my yoga. Advanced studies include but are not limited to 50 Hours of Ashtanga Vinyasa with Maty Ezraty, 30 Hours of Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, 50 Hours of Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers with Jason Ray Brown,  80 Hours of Bhakti with Raghunath & Prenatal Yoga Training with Bec Conant. I'm also honored to be a part of the Yoga Works Teacher Training faculty where I have the privilege of sharing the knowledge and love I've gathered over the years with the Boston yoga community.




Menu of Workshops Currently Offered


Back Bend with Strength & Ease

Many of us resist back bends both mentally and physically. Some of us experience pain during or after deep back bends. This workshop will teach you how to back bend with strength and grace, integrating core power and mobility for a pain free back-bending practice. In this two hour class there will be a strong focus on front body lengthening and shoulder opening. We will review foundational back bends as well as play with taking our heart-opening upside down!


Fire, Flow & Fly

Fear is a resource. It can be tapped, mined and transformed into strength, courage, focus and power. One of the most potent methods of breaking through negative reactions to fear is somatically. Join Caitlyn for this 2 hour workshop, where we’ll move through a dynamic and layered flow, learning to transition in and out of inversions and arm balances. We’ll tame fear, and leap beyond it while playfully and mindfully harnessing core strength, integration and the breath. This is an intermediate workshop appropriate for yogis with some vinyasa & inverting experience under their belts.  Fire, Flow & Fly is a powerful opportunity to play with arm balancing, and gravity surfing.


Lock & Load: The Strength and Space to Bind

Constriction can be expansive,  constraint can feel liberating. Working with both internal and external rotation we'll open through the shoulder girdle, and hips to create the space to safely and effectively explore your binding practice. Once you feel securely fastened, we'll explore all the ways to move energy toward the mid-line and find your balanced-center with bird of paradise, reverse bird of paradise, bound ardha chandrasana variations , reverse namaste and many playful variations in between.


Root AND Release Slow Transitions to Increase Strength

 Feel your feet, get low, build heat and get stronger, faster by slowing down your pace and finding grace. We get stronger when we hold poses for longer increments of time, extending transitions through several breaths. This slow motion deep-dive cultivates endurance, coordination and facilitates a deeper integration with the core. We'll play with balance, and moving like molasses riding the waves of breath all while fiercely firing up the slow twitch muscles, cultivating a deeper sense of stability, strength and the power of slowing it down. This workshop will close with sweet, extended savasana.


Revolver: Deep Twists & Flight Detox

Twisting is one of the most effective ways to massage the organs, stimulating a detoxification of the tissues. By creating alternating compression and expansion we are able to encourage a subtle flushing of the tissue, bringing in new oxygen-rich blood and moving out old energy. In this all-levels workshop we will warm the core before exploring deep and sustained twists woven into the fabric of a fluid vinyasa flow.  There will be opportunities to take your expansive twists upside down, calling upon gravity to accelerate the lymphatic flush helping to support your body's natural cleansing mechanisms.


Lengthen & Strengthen

Typically we view movement in the front and back plane, opening through back bending and forward folding. In this workshop Caitlyn will lead you through a thoughtful and dynamic practice that will explore and open the the lateral side of the body, extending from the outer foot all the way to the sides of the neck and skull. Release tension and create space in this two hour workshop.


Prenatal Yoga Workshop

This prenatal workshop is geared towards expecting yogis with a steady practice who are interested in continuing to participate in their regular public classes, safely throughout their pregnancy. Being pregnant doesn't mean you're fragile, it just means it's time to start shifting your yoga and your mindset to meet your evolving energy levels, and shifting anatomical needs. Learn how to adjust your yoga as your body changes in preparation for birth. The focus of this two hour class is to give future moms the knowledge needed to continue practicing actively in a safe and supported way throughout pregnancy. We'll use blankets, bolsters and blocks, but don't forget your water bottle and towel, because we're still going to work!


Floor Your Flow

You'll be able to access profoundly deep openings by using your relationship to gravity and the earth to facilitate deep lengthening and release of the tissues beneath the superficial layers of fascia. In this floor based flow you will unwind, lengthen and create space all while staying low and rooted to the earth. Get off your wrists, relieve your hands and shift your perspective. This is a great opportunity for folks looking to lengthen and open the body without the stress of weight-bearing on the wrists.