Integrating Strength & Soul through Asana


Working through the layers

Opening the body, finding spaciousness and ease in the tissues, muscles and fascia sets the stage for the journey inward. Through dedication, sweat and effort- we can find ease and quiet in the mind, and centering in the heart. The practice of yoga goes far beyond  flight, although you'll grow wings on the way. Yoga is an opportunity to deepen the most important relationship we have in this lifetime, the one with ourselves.


Teacher Trainings

"The one word that comes to mind when I reflect on Caitlyn's guidance and mentorship is wholehearted. Her rigorous commitment to practice, her vulnerable and openhearted style of nurturing and listening to students, her expertise in nearly every facet of teaching yoga, it was truly everything you could have hoped for in a training experience. " - Maggie M
"She champions the importance of alignment with a combination of precise guidance and the encouragement to meet yourself where you're at. Caitlyn has taught me so much about my body, mind, and what I am capable of. Her joy, compassion, and humor deepens the love one already feels for their practice." Melinda G

Caitlyn offers workshops, Yoga Alliance certified teacher trainings, advanced trainings and intensives covering a broad range of topics. Whether you're a curious beginner or a dedicated, seasoned yogi, Caitlyn offers a fresh perspective on asana, philosophy and pedagogy.